Why Choose Cyprus for Business

Why choose Cyprus for Business

Cyprus’ unique geographical position creates a business link between Europe, Asia and Africa, and it gives the opportunity to any interested individuals or companies to use it as the base of their business transactions.

Incorporate a company in Cyprus

The registration of a company in Cyprus can be completed within two weeks and investors can begin their activities immediately.

The low costs of incorporation of a company and the professionalism of all engaged bodies within the process give to an international investor the best starting point to begin his business activities.

Our law firm is in position to provide ready-make companies (shelf companies) that have not conducted any activities and they do not have any liabilities. A shelf company is an alternative to incorporating a company as it takes longer time.

Ιn addition, our law firm provides its premises to be used as the registered office of companies.

Benefits that Cyprus offers to international investors


Cyprus is located near the big European financial centres with which is connected through direct flights.

link of European companies

Cyprus as a European count is considered the best link of European investors to access the profitable market of the Middle East and of Non- Europeans to access the European market.

Tax Regime

Cyprus offers a corporate tax regime of 12.5%, a percentage that is considered one of the lowest within the European Union.

New tax measures

New tax measures have been implemented in the island’s tax system in order to attract foreign investment and increase Cyprus’ economic activity.

Immigration permit

International investors may be granted an Immigration Permit if they satisfy the relevant criteria.


The island’s national language is the Greek but the majority of the population speaks English fluently.

Double Taxation Agreements

Cyprus retains Double Taxation Agreements with more than 60 countries across the globe.

business center

The island’s low corporate tax regime and high standards of living have established Cyprus to be an international business centre and a remarkable business base for a big number of investors.

Simple Procedure

Cyprus offers a quick and simple procedure of incorporating a company. The procedure can be completed within two weeks.

Property Investments

Big property projects are developed every year across the island giving the opportunity for great property investments.


The island’s standards of living are high and it offers to each investor to live and manage all his business activities in a friendly, modern and healthy environment.