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If you are looking to invest into starting and growing a business, Cyprus seems to be the best location to do so in 2019.
Our process of company registration in Cyprus is quick and simple, no matter whether you are a local or foreign investor.
Thanks to our company director services, you don’t need to be physically present in Cyprus in order to strengthen your business’s presence here.
The immigration laws and legal processes can get quite complicated, especially if you are dealing with them without professional help.
The Cyprus government has formulated an investment programme aimed at high net worth individuals, investors and entrepreneurs.
Our litigation department is fully equipped to handle all types of court cases and protects our clients’ interests.
Focusing on providing the best client experience, the firm deals with personal injury cases in the most effective way.
We focus on providing effective legal services to clients facing Foreign Exchange (Forex) fraudulent activities, disputes and scams.
If you are looking to invest into starting and growing a business, Cyprus seems to be the best location to do so in 2019.
The firm’s knowledgeable and highly experienced lawyers can help you deal with various commercial law matters.
Our professional lawyers use their extensive knowledge and abilities to work in your favor, providing effective legal service in this field.
Property law is a field law that deals with all legal matters regarding actions related to real estate properties.
Register your company in Cyprus to take advantage of numerous benefits related to business ownership in the country.
The firm’s highly educated lawyers possess not only knowledge but relevant experience when it comes to dealing with employment law cases.
Family law deals with some of the most emotional cases related to family issues, including divorces and domestic violence cases.
The firm guarantees positive results achieved either through a legal court procedure or even through an out of court procedure.
Following the cancellation of the Cyprus Citizenship Program, the Cyprus government has the amended Cyprus Permanent Residence Program in May 2023 to attract and increase foreign investment in the country.

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