Litigation Services and Dispute Resolutions

Ligitation Services and Dispute Resolutions That Fit Your NeedsLitigation Services and Dispute Resolutions

We will provide you with immediate legal advice that will serve you tremendously.

Our litigation department is fully equipped to handle all types of court cases and protects our clients’ interests. Evagoras Anastasiou Law Firm is well known for its success and the way of handling court cases.

Focusing on providing the best client experience, the firm deals with cases related to personal injury, employment, property disputes, contracts, company disputes and criminal offences. Our firm offers representation through court procedure in the most effective way, fully protecting your interests and achieving the best solution for you.

Court cases are known to be complex, lengthy and tiring, which is why most people frown when having to attend one. However, there is a way to achieve a proper solution without having to go through the court process, thanks to the effective methods provided by one of the best law firms in the Cyprus area, Evagoras Anastasiou Law Firm. As an industry-leading firm, Evagoras Anastasiou Law Firm features only the most professional law practitioners in the area. As such, ligitation and alternative dispute solutions are one of their fields of expertise.

Everyone hopes to achieve a result without a court case in a particular situation, and legal cases held in court can be often time-consuming and exhausting. Evagoras Anastasiou Law Firm specialises in providing exactly what you need in this case – an out-of-court settlement. To achieve such solutions, the firm’s professionals use the well-established methods of negotiation and mediation. Overall, the process of achieving an out-of-court settlement is much faster, easier and more beneficial to the client, as well as far more cost-effective but this will only be done if it is the client’s best interests.

If you are looking for a lawyer to represent you to a civil case through court or an out-of-court settlement, Evagoras Anastasiou Law Firm can help you deal with it. The firm is experienced in using professional methods to achieve the best resolutions in all types of court cases. For more information on how you can achieve such a solution, please contact Evagoras Anastasiou Law Firm and discuss the process further.

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