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We Can Help You Deal With Any Kind of Employment Law Aspectemployment law cases

The firm’s highly educated lawyers possess not only knowledge but relevant experience when it comes to dealing with employment law cases.

Both employers and employees are often affected by low-quality employment agreements that might lead to negative consequences for both parties. However, employment agreements are not the only aspect of employment laws that can lead to unwanted outcomes at work. Things such as dismissal due to redundancies, collective dismissal, and unjustified termination of employment can also have a negative effect on individuals and larger corporations. To help you deal with any kind of employment law aspect, Evagoras Anastasiou and Associates LLC offers professional legal services and advice regarding this branch of law.

Whether you are facing issues due to one of the parties disrespecting the employment agreement or you’re a victim of discrimination at work, the firm’s experienced lawyers will provide you with relevant legal advice and help you get out of the situation as a winner.

Evagoras Anastasiou and Associates LLC offers highly professional services when it comes to drafting employment agreements, as well as respecting the employment law, along with rights and obligations of each individual or contracting party.

Furthermore, the Evagoras Anastasiou and Associates LLC lawyers can assist you in dealing with social insurance issues, maternity protection, termination of employment, health and safety issues, as well as any form of discrimination at the workplace. In case it is necessary, their lawyers will even come in direct contact with the Ministry of Work or the Office of Social Insurance in order to assure their client is being protected by the law at all times. This kind of dedication can rarely be seen in other law firms, especially in the area where Evagoras Anastasiou and Associates LLC operates.

To engage the Evagoras Anastasiou and Associates LLC professional lawyers to work on your case related to employment laws, make sure to contact the firm through their website, and one of their staff members will be there to assist you. You can then further request to speak with professional lawyers who can give you advice on your legal issue and help you go through the legal process smoothly.

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