Cyprus is the ideal destination for technology companies

Cyprus is the ideal destination for technology companies

Cyprus is acknowledged as an attractive destination for registering a company due to the multitude of benefits offered by the island’s corporate and taxation frameworks.


Countries implement IP Box or Patent Box regimes to incentivize research and development in relation to intellectual property assets. These assets typically encompass patents, software, and copyrights.
Under these regimes, companies are granted reduced effective tax rates on income generated from intellectual property. This income may comprise royalties, earnings from IP sales, licensing fees, revenue from the sale of products and services incorporating IP, as well as compensation for copyright infringement damages.

Cyprus offers a specialized IP Box regime for technology companies, enabling them to enjoy substantial deductions on their corporate tax obligations.


Cyprus boasts a corporate income tax rate of 12.5%, which is regarded as one of the most competitive rates in the European Union; however, through the IP Box regime, there is an 80% deduction on tax for profits derived from the utilization of intellectual property, including computer software, patents, and other intangible assets.

Consequently, the effective corporate tax rate may decrease significantly to as low as 2.5%.

The corporate tax rate of 2.5% under Cyprus’ IP regime is recognized as the most competitive in Europe.

The rates of its closest competitors, such as Belgium at 4.44%, Hungary at 4.5%, and Luxembourg at 5.2%, are followed by the Netherlands at 7%, France at 10%, and the United Kingdom at 10%, which appear to lag behind the Netherlands but are significantly behind Cyprus.

Additional characteristics of the Cyprus IP Box Regime include:

Exemption from tax on capital nature transactions for the disposal of intangible assets. These modifications took effect on 1 January 2020, and the requirement to create a balancing statement following the transfer or sale of an intangible asset has been eliminated.

Deductions for capital expenditures associated with IP acquisition or development can be claimed in the initial tax year of the expense and spread out over the following 4 years.

1. Establishing a Cyprus-based company: To begin, companies must establish a base in Cyprus. Registering a company under Cypriot law is a straightforward and efficient process, especially when compared to other EU countries. This can be done remotely with the assistance of legal representation.
2. Transferring ownership: The ownership of the intellectual property (IP) must be transferred to the newly established company in Cyprus.
3. Licensing rights: The Cyprus company can license the rights to use the IP to other companies.
4. Implementing a patent box structure: Seeking legal advice is necessary to properly organize the patent box structure. Additionally, legal agreements will need to be prepared.

By following these steps, companies can take advantage of the favorable IP jurisdiction offered by Cyprus and access the benefits of this regime.

Among the many appealing attributes that Cyprus provides for companies, including its strategic location, established financial and fintech hub, diverse immigration options, personal income tax incentives, the IP Box regime in Cyprus stands out as a particularly attractive feature within Europe. Relocating a technology company’s headquarters to the island offers significant advantages.

The professionals at Evagoras Anastasiou Law Firm provide assistance to global enterprises in leveraging the advantageous Intellectual Property Law of Cyprus, safeguarding their IP assets, and optimizing the financial advantages for the organization.

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